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March 2024 Council Meeting

Council Highlights from March 2024

March 28, 2024

The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) held its quarterly Council meeting on March 22. The recording and highlights are now available.

CEO and Registrar's Report: Grow and Transform

The CRNA's CEO, Joy Peacock, provided an overview and update on several regulatory initiatives and presented on the College's work in continuing to foster and develop collaborative relationships with other organizations within Alberta's health care ecosystem. 

Nurse Practitioners

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

Dr. Marcie Smigorowsky, Director of Regulatory Initiatives, and Andrew Douglas, Executive Director of Governance, Regulation & Standards presented recommendations to Council for  neonatal nurse practitioner’s (NNP)  in Alberta.

Nurse Practitioners (NP) Initiatives Workplan Update

A status update was presented on the NP Initiatives Workplan that was endorsed by Council in December 2023. These initiatives, which directly impact the regulation of NPs, include the generalist NP approach, neonatal NP exam, and role of NPs in primary health care. 

Regulatory Policy

CRNA Regulatory Spectrum

Council approved the CRNA Regulatory Spectrum, which was first introduced in September 2023. The spectrum aims to shape a positive regulatory environment by shifting focus from punitive measures to supportive practices and emphasizing collaboration both within and outside of the organization.

Nursing Education Program Approval

Council approved the proposed nursing education program approval framework. The framework was revised in response to the dissolution of the Nursing Education Program Approval Committee (NEPAC) in Sept. 2023. Its aim is to reduce the complexity of the CRNA’s program approval processes while maintaining the appropriate regulatory oversight and accountability of nursing education programs. It went into effect March 22, 2024.

CRNA Leadership and Governance

Leadership review and Governance Committee Quarterly Report

The Leadership Review and Governance Committee (LRGC) is responsible for overseeing the performance and recruitment of the CEO & Registrar, the evaluation of Council, committees and the Chair, and overseeing the College’s governance practices and procedures. The LRGC provided an overview of their activity throughout the last quarter.

Amendments to Bylaw 6.1.5. - Administration

Council approved the amendments to Bylaw Article 6.1.5. to clarify the authority Council delegates to the CEO & Registrar. The amendments will go into effect on March 22, 2024.

Amendments to Bylaw 3 - Committees

Council approved proposed amendments to Bylaw 3, Committees, to identify the Pension Compliance Committee (PCC) as a Standing Committee Reporting to Council (Standing Committee); and identify circumstances under which a Councillor may attend a meeting of a Governance or Standing Committee to which the Councillor has not been appointed. The amendments went into effect on March 22, 2024.

Amendments to GP 20, Pension Compliance Committee (PCC) Charter - PCC Composition

Council approved an amendment to Governance Policy (GP) 20 – Pension Compliance Committee (PCC) Charter, to update PCC membership , as recommended by the Leadership Review and Governance Committee (LRGC). The amendments went into effect on March 22, 2024.

Amendments to Governance Committee Charters

Council approved amendments to) GP 17 – Nominating Committee Charter; GP 18 – Leadership Review and Governance Committee (LRGC) Charter; and GP19 – Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) Charter, as recommended by the LRGC. The amendments will go into effect on April 1, 2024.

Council Designation

Council Designation for Purposes of Sections 65 and 86 of the Health Professions Act

Council approved the request to designate the position of Executive Director (ED), Governance, Regulation & Standards, as responsible for sections 65 and 86 of the Health Professions Act (HPA). The designation went into effect on March 22, 2024.

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Quarterly Report

The Nominating Committee is responsible for assisting Council in ensuring Council, Governance Committees and Regulatory Committees have the competencies and attributes in their memberships to enable them to fulfil their roles and public protection mandates. The Nominating Committee provided an overview of their activity throughout the last quarter. 

Council Chair Recruitment and Selection Process Amendments

Council approved and adopted a new professional development framework and continuous improvement framework. Both frameworks will aid Council in facilitating world-class regulation and create consistent approaches for training and evaluation processes.

Finance and Audit Committee Quarterly Report

Q1 Quarterly Risk Management Report

The risk report provides Council with an overview of how the organization is managing risks and highlights changes that have occurred since the previous quarterly report. The College's risk profile has shown improvement from the last quarter, with a decrease in the number of risks on the register. Overall, the College’s risk profile continues to be managed effectively.

Q1 Quarterly Financial Management and Discussion Report

The financial management and discussion report provided indicates that the College is in a healthy financial position; all financial health metrics are deemed as continuing to be healthy. In addition, the report indicates that capital spending is in alignment with the capital plan. 

FY2025 Fee Schedule Planning to Support Regulatory Excellence

Management continues to develop various scenarios within its fee schedule planning assumptions and modelling in preparation for the FY2025 Permit Fee Schedule. The proposed permit fee will be presented to Council for decision at the June 2024 Council meeting. 

Pension Compliance

Pension Compliance Committee Quarterly Report

The Pension Compliance Committee (PCC) presented their quarterly report, providing an overview of its activities over the last quarter and for the year ahead. The PCC facilitated pension governance education for Council to outline Council’s fiduciary responsibility of Plan Sponsor and Plan “A” administrator for the management, operation and administration of the pension plan. 

Annual Pension Plan Assessment and Compliance Report

Council approved the 2022-2023 annual pension plan assessment and compliance report. Its purpose is to evaluate the fulfilment of governance responsibilities and to meet pension legislative compliance. 

Nursing Policy Documents

Standards of Practice Review Update

Council was given an update on the ongoing work to review and modernize the College’s standards of practice. The CRNA also updated its standards to align with the requirements in Bill 9. 

Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement Working Group Rate

Council received an update on the ongoing activities of the Performance Measurement Working Group, which has convened several times. The group is striving to identify key outcomes associated with the roles and responsibilities of both Council and management, and then the performance measures to provide an assessment of the College's performance and achievement of its regulatory mandate.