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GP 17 - Nominating Committee Charter

Policy Number: GP 17 Effective Date: September 2022
Last Review Date: March 2021 Next Review Date: September 2023
Review Frequency: Annually Related Supporting Documents:
  1. Source of Authority

    The Nominating Committee is established under Bylaw 3.

  2. Establishment (Council Delegation)

    The committee is delegated authority from Council via Bylaw 3.

  3. Composition

    3.1. The committee shall comprise six (6) members.

    3.2. The committee shall strive for an equal membership of registrant members and public members.

    3.3. Any committee member may serve as Chair.

    3.4. The Chair shall be selected by Council on recommendation from Nominating Committee.

  4. Eligibility

    4.1. Members must be a current member of Council.

    4.2. Members shall meet the competence requirements defined by Nominating Committee.

  5. Term

    5.1. The term of office for committee members is three (3) years or until the end of the Council member’s term, whichever is shorter.

    5.2. The term of the Chair is two (2) years or until the end of the Council member’s term, whichever is shorter.

    5.3. All committee members may serve one (1) additional term

  6. Quorum

    6.1. A quorum is a majority of members.

  7. Meetings

    7.1. Meeting frequency, not less than four times per year, and at such other times as may be requested by the Chair.

    7.2. The committee shall establish in consultation with management a schedule of meetings each year in order to discharge its responsibilities.

    7.3. Send an agenda, together with materials relating to the subject matter of each meeting.

    7.4. Meet in person, by video conference, and/or by teleconference.

    7.5. Prepare minutes for all meetings.

    7.6. Circulate in draft form, the meeting minutes to all committee members to ensure an accurate final record. The minutes will then be approved at a subsequent meeting of the committee.

    7.7. All decisions shall be by a majority vote.

  8. Duties and Powers

    8.1. Assist Council in ensuring Council and the committees (regulatory and governance committees) have the competencies and attributes (the experience, knowledge, skills, and character), to enable them to fulfil their roles and public protection mandate.

    8.2. Fulfill specific roles related to the appointment of Council members and recommends to Council candidates for appointment or re-appointment to governance and regulatory committees. The process for Council selection is outlined in the Council Selection Policy, and for regulatory committees, in the Council and Committees Selection Policy.

    8.3. Oversee succession planning for Council and the committees.

    8.4. Collaborate with Council, committee chairs, and College staff to assess the needs of Council and the committees.

    8.5. Implement a Council-approved process that is structured, transparent, and objective for actively recruiting, evaluating, and selecting qualified, diverse candidates for appointment to Council and committees.

    8.6. Independently recruit, vet, and recommend nominees to the regulatory committees, driven by needed competencies and attributes.

    8.7. Recommend to Council, committee chairs for appointment selected from among the membership of each Committee.

    8.8. Recommend to the Council candidates for appointment or re-appointment to committees.

    8.9. Act in accordance with applicable legislation, the Bylaws, and Council-approved principles, policies, processes, and criteria in discharging its duties.

    8.10. Make recommendations to the Council for filling registrant Council vacancies.

    8.11. Seek Council’s input and involving the full Council in its work on a regular basis, as appropriate.

    8.12. Discharge its duties in a transparent, independent, impartial, and fair manner.

    8.13. Reviewing the Nominating Committee’s processes on a regular basis and recommending improvements to Council.

    8.14. Reviewing this Charter, no later than three years from its approval.

    8.15. Performing any other activities necessary to fulfil its mandate, or as may be required by Council from time to time.

    8.16. The committee has authority to spend an amount of money designated annually by Council.

    8.17. The committee shall maintain complete neutrality in the election process.

    8.18. Any committee member who wishes to run for Council must resign from the committee prior to the start of the call for nominations.

  9. Reporting

    The Chair of the committee shall provide a formal report to Council following each recruitment to fill registrant vacancies on Council.