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How to Verify Someone is a Nurse

Oct. 2, 2023

Any member of the public can easily verify whether a nurse holds a permit from the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) by using our free, online Find a Nurse tool.

How Do I Use the Find a Nurse Tool?

To look up a specific individual, all you need to do is enter a first and/or last name and click search. Registrants of the CRNA are required to practise using their full, legal names as they appear on the register.

What Information on Registrants is Publicly Available? 

Publicly available information includes:

  • The full legal name of a registrant
  • The effective date of their permit
  • Any conditions or authorizations attached to their permit
  • Any information regarding disciplinary matters related to the individual

What Should I Do if I Think a Nurse is Practising Without a Permit?

If you think an individual is practising without the correct permit or you otherwise have concerns about their conduct, you can submit a complaint to the CRNA.

Who Else Has a Role in Ensuring That a Nurse Has a Permit?

The CRNA works closely with both employers and registrants to ensure that only licensed individuals are practising nursing. Read more about how we work with our partners to ensure that Albertans can trust the care they are receiving from our registrants.