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Annual Permits are Required to Practice

For someone to use a protected health-care title and designation, they must receive a permit to be a registrant with the corresponding regulatory college. The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) oversees registered nurses, certified graduate nurses, nurse practitioners, graduate nurses and graduate nurse practitioners. The CRNA requires these nurses to renew their permits annually to ensure they provide care competently, ethically and safely.

Registrants complete their renewal through an online portal that allows access to their application any time, anywhere, and on any device. The application generally takes about an hour, and they must meet all of the requirements to receive a permit for the following year. The automated system will approve permits within 48 hours, and a staff member will review any applications flagged by the system. This consistent method creates a predictable pathway for applicants.

If a permit is denied or lapses due to non-renewal, the individual can no longer work under a protected title or designation in Alberta. The CRNA will inform employers of the lapsed statuses. The register, with details about who is eligible to practice, available to the public to search anytime.

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