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How Registrants Maintain Their Permits

June 11, 2024

Registrants of the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) are required to renew their permits annually to continue to practise under a protected title or designation in Alberta.

This is known as the renewal process and it is a crucial way the CRNA protects the public, by ensuring registrants continue to meet all the requirements to practise in an ethical, safe and competent manner. 

To be eligible to renew their permits, registrants must fulfill several requirements including demonstrating that they meet currency of practice and show a commitment to continuing competence, attesting that they conduct themselves with good character and are fit to practise, and that they have appropriate professional liability protection.

Learn more about how registrants maintain their permits.

If a permit is denied or lapses due to non-renewal, the individual can no longer work under a protected title or designation in Alberta. The CRNA will inform employers of the lapsed statuses. The Find A Nurse tool allows anyone to confirm an individual’s registration and permit status.

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