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Record Numbers of Registered Nurse Permits Issued in Alberta

July 12, 2023

The CRNA continues to process significant numbers of new applications from those seeking licensure as a registered nurse in Alberta.

“As Alberta’s regulator of registered nurses and nurse practitioners, it is our job to respond to current global research and remove barriers so new nursing applicants obtain a permit to practice via our improved, transparent and timely processes.”

“We are seeing a vast increase in applicants who choose Alberta as a destination to apply their nursing knowledge and skills. The CRNA has issued permits for 4,519 out of 5,501 applications in the past nine months" said Joy Peacock, CRNA CEO and Registrar. “This is more than double the permits issued last permit year and adds over 2,300 additional registered nurses to the Alberta workforce."

The CRNA’s improved licensing experience saves applicants time and money and is good news for Alberta patients and the health-care workforce.

The CRNA believes many applicants have been working in Alberta in other health-care roles, and now their competencies and skills are being assessed for licensure as registered nurses.

Since April 4, 2023, the CRNA reports the following information:

  • 2,962 applicants have received permits from all application types.
    • 1,462 of the 2,962 permits issued were for internationally educated nurses (IENs) that applied via new substantial equivalence pathways.
  • In the four previous permit years (October 2018 to September 2022), the CRNA received a total of 582 applications from IENs using the substantial equivalence pathway.
  • 633 applicants from other Canadian provinces or territories have received a permit to practise in Alberta.

“The work that the CRNA is doing to get qualified registered nurses from outside the province licenced sooner means more positions can get filled across the province,” says Minister of Health, Adriana LaGrange. “We know recruitment is not a simple solution, but every step we take to address this issue builds and strengthens Alberta’s health care system.”