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Protecting the public, image of a girl and woman with a nurse

Protecting the public

We are the regulatory body for more than 38,000 registered nurses and nurse practitioners in Alberta.

As a nursing regulator, our focus is keeping patients safe by taking the necessary steps to ensure Albertans receive safe, competent and ethical nursing care.

We do this by:

  • setting the qualifications for entering the profession and issuing practice permits only to those who meet the requirements
  • taking action when a member of the public, an employer or a registrant submits a complaint about a registered nurse or nurse practitioner
  • ensuring registrants are maintaining their nursing competence in their practice
  • approving nursing education programs in Alberta
  • developing and enforcing professional and ethical standards

For questions on other health professions such as registered psychiatric nurses, licensed practical nurses, midwives, physicians or surgeons, please contact their regulator.