Regulatory updates for registrants

Jan 14, 2021

Updates for registrants sent in the January Bulletin.

Mandatory immunization reporting

As of January 1, 2021, all health practitioners, including RNs, are required to report immunizations and immunization  assessments electronically to Alberta Health within seven days.

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Mandated for nurses working in all domains of practice

All RNs and NPs with an active practice permit must complete this mandatory course for renewal 2021-2022.

The Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct course is a mandatory regulatory requirement for nurses in all domains of practice as it strengthens public protection from sexual abuse and misconduct by regulated health professionals.

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Using information and communications technologies to provide patient care - here's how:

Learn how entry-level competencies related to informatics ensure safe, competent and ethical care; and how to apply the informatics competencies to practice.

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Clara just completed her doctoral degree. How should she present her titles and credentials?

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Minor amendments to align with legislation

The CARNA document, Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners, is undergoing minor revisions for alignment with recent changes in federal and provincial legislation. We recognize that other changes will be required, so a full review of this document will be done as soon as possible in the coming year. 

The revisions coming to the Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners document include the following:

  • Removing wording that prohibits a nurse practitioner (NP) from accepting drug samples: Changes in the Federal Food and Drug Regulations came into force on July 1, 2020, and now allow NPs to accept drug samples. 
  • Updating publication dates of the reference documents.
  • Updating the list of restricted activities to align with the changes made to the Registered Nurses Profession Regulation (2019).

To avoid any barriers to NP practice, this revised document will be going to CARNA Provincial Council for approval in March 2021 along with CARNA’s Prescribing Standards for Nurse Practitioners as both documents address the NP role in accepting drug samples. As you recall, CARNA’s Prescribing Standards for Nurse Practitioners underwent a full review with registrants, stakeholders and Alberta Health in 2019 and is also going for approval in March 2021. 


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