Feedback needed on documents

Nov 10, 2020

The Professional Practice Support department regularly asks for input from the public, regulated members and stakeholders as we develop and revise our standards, guidelines and position statements to ensure they are evidence informed and align with best practice.

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Comment on current documents

Working Extra Hours: Guidelines for Registered Nurses on Fitness to Practice and the Provision of Safe, Competent, Ethical Nursing Care (2011)
Please provide feedback by February 28, 2021

Documentation Standards for Regulated Members (2013)
Please provide feedback by May 31, 2021

Comment on draft documents

The survey for Requisite Skills and Abilities for Becoming a Registered Nurse in Alberta is now closed and the process of collecting feedback from stakeholders has concluded. The College will now carefully consider and review this feedback and all stakeholder feedback going forward. Thank you for providing your comments and taking the time to contribute to this very important phase of Standards of Practice development.