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7. Election Process

7.1. Campaign and Election Rules

  1. Council may establish rules for the campaigning and financing of campaigns, and for the reporting of campaign fund revenue and expenditures, or delegate that authority to the Nominating Committee, subject to such conditions as Council prescribes.
  2. Council may establish rules for:
    1. the conduct of elections;
    2. the appointment and conduct of Election Trustees;
    3. the resolution of disputes arising from the election.

7.2. Receipt of Nominations

Completed nomination forms must be received by the CARNA Office on or before June 1 or, if June 1 falls on a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday, on the first CARNA office business day following June 1. CARNA will officially announce the names of candidates once the nomination deadline has passed.

7.3. Withdrawal

A candidate may withdraw from the campaign by notifying the Nominating Committee or CARNA office in writing or via email.

7.4. Preparation of Ballot

  1. Voting shall be by electronic ballot with voting numbers gathered through a third-party company.
  2. The electronic ballot shall have the names of the candidates listed in alphabetical order of surnames.
  3. Promotion of the election will coincide with the start of renewal though various CARNA communication platforms.
  4. All practising regulated members will be eligible to vote during the election period set by Council each year.
  5. If there is a disruption or technological malfunction of the electronic ballots which made or could make voting impossible, the Nominating Committee may make any rules for the distribution, casting and receipt of ballots that are considered necessary in the circumstances.

7.5. Voting Results

  1. The voting results will be made available to the candidates on the first business day following the voting deadline.
  2. An Election Trustee will oversee the tabulation of the ballots.
  3. The candidate receiving the most votes is the successful candidate.
  4. Candidates shall have the right to verify any online vote tabulation results within three business days of the day that the candidates are notified of the election results.
  5. If there is an equal number of votes for two or more candidates for first place, there will be another election.

7.6. Retention and Destruction of Ballots

Electronic ballots shall be destroyed one (1) year following the election in which they were cast.

7.7. Reporting of Election Results

  1. The next business day after the voting deadline, the Election Trustee will report results of the electronic vote tabulation to the the College Council Chair and the Nominating Committee Chair.
  2. The Chair or their delegate will contact all candidates on the day the results are available, share details of the report and provide them with a copy of the report if they wish.
  3. Once all the candidates have been notified, the College will officially announce the election results through its various communication platforms. The results may include the names of the elected representatives and voter turnout numbers.
  4. All information pertaining to election results shall be explicitly available to any CARNA member on request.