Message from the Council Chair and CEO

Sept. 16, 2021

CARNA appreciates your commitment and dedication as you continue to consider patient needs and public safety under ever-evolving conditions. Working in the health care system during a pandemic requires continual adjustments in your nursing practice.

While we've had moments of triumph and progress, it is hard to see the end of the pandemic at this time. With the fourth wave of the pandemic upon us, the health care system is strained; and those that work within it continue to be overextended. The challenges of providing care during this pandemic are not new, but with each wave comes increasing frustration and exhaustion.

We know that many of you have been asked to work in different ways and at times, in different situations. We understand that some of you are finding it difficult to provide the optimal care you are used to providing, due to circumstances outside of your control. We are aware of these situations and we want you to know that we understand the unusual times we are living and working in. We acknowledge that you are using your professional judgement, working with your colleagues across all disciplines to assess risk, finding the best way to provide care for people; while recognizing and working within the limits of your competence to ensure essential care is provided to patients.

In the last few weeks, a new layer of stress has been added to the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. As a College, we rely on evidence-based standards, critical thinking and science to inform our decision-making; we know nurses do as well. Some conversations in the public space have been polarizing. We recognize this. This discourse has also taken a toll on the public and many health care providers. These are indeed times of extreme stress and worry.

Nicole Letourneau, PHD, RN, FCAHS

Council Chair

Joy Peacock, BSN, MSc, RN

CEO & Registrar