What is CARNA?

CARNA is the professional and regulatory body for Alberta’s more than 37,000 RNs, including nurses in direct care, education, research and administration as well as nurse practitioners. Our dual mandate centers on serving the public interest: as a regulator by ensuring ethical, safe, competent care by registered nurses and, as an association, by supporting the pursuit of excellence in RN practice.

What we do

Find out how CARNA shapes the framework for registered nurse practice in Alberta and influences health policy decisions in the public's best interest.

Our vision, mission, and values

Learn more about our approach to protecting the public by ensuring that Albertans receive effective, safe and ethical care by registered nurses.

Regulatory philosophy

CARNA uses the minimum amount of regulation needed to fulfill our mandate. Find out how we apply right-touch regulation to our work.


Stay current on changes to regulations, new programs, council resolutions, new RN responsibilities and more.

What's nursing in Alberta like?

Get a glimpse into how registered nurses play a pivotal role in leading, preparing and implementing changes that influence the health of Albertans and overall health-care delivery.

CARNA regions

We split Alberta into six regions according to population. Find out which region you're in.

Our partners

CARNA extends its national reach to ensure Alberta registered nurses get a national voice. Find out which organizations CARNA has joined to do this.

Review of complaints processes and outcomes

CARNA has made public a 48-page external review of its complaints and discipline processes and outcomes.

Review of approach to fitness to practise

In February 2019, CARNA engaged Field Law to evaluate its current approach to fitness to practise.

Review of registration process for internationally educated nurses

CARNA initiated an external review to evaluate its current registration process for international educated nurses.

Council and committees

Provincial Council

Provincial Council is mandated to develop and oversee implementing policies that direct CARNA in meeting its responsibilities.

Governance committees

Governance committees assist in developing policy alternatives and implications for CARNA Provincial Council deliberation.

Regulatory committees

Regulatory committees carry out some of CARNA's responsibilities as a self-regulating profession.

Publications and reports

Annual reports and financial statements

We report on our activities on an annual basis and make our annual reports and financial statements available to all members and stakeholders.

Other resources and services

Awards of Nursing Excellence

The CARNA Awards are the region’s biggest celebration of nursing excellence, recognizing outstanding nurses and partners.

Online bookstore

Visit the largest health sciences and scientific/technical book wholesaler in Canada.

Nursing history in Alberta

Find out how registered nurses' played an important role in Alberta's history through their innovation, strength, leadership and advocacy.